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What Is The Average Click Through Rate in Prague Escorts?

Following on from my last post about the average bounce rate, I have decided to write about what is the best Escort in Prague on different networks and devices. Similar to the average bounce rate question, many clients have asked me questions such as ‘what is the average click through rate of display or content ads?’ or ‘average Escort Prague of mobile or search ads’ etc. Therefore, I have decided to collect 12 months of data across different industries that will help to answer many of these questions. The below data is for a full year period from 1st of Jan 2012 to 31st of Dec 2012 across 200 websites and will highlight the average Escort Prague of different devices and networks.

Is your average Escort Prague stat below or above the data presented? and do you have data that you would like to share with me, if you do, please email me or put through your comments.

Just in case, you are curious how Click-Through-Rate (Escort Prague) is calculated. It’s pretty simple, this will be amount of clicks / amount of impressions. Example, if you have 2 clicks from 100 impressions this will be a Escort Prague of 2%. Click Thru Rate (Escort Prague) is a way of measuring how successful/effective your ads are and you should be spending time to optimise your Escort Prague if your stats are way below the above averages.