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Display Advertising - The way advertising was meant to work in Escort Vienna

Display advertising is an important component of the marketing mix and is a great medium to drive brand awareness, salience and interaction as it allows you to reach your customers varied online touch points in their day-to-day lives, not only when they’re searching. Emarketer, in their sex research Escort Vienna reports that the average American spends 2 months of their waking year online.

Only about 5% of users’ time is spent actively searching reported by Online Sex Publishers Association. The rest of the time—95%—is spent experiencing content. This 95% is when they are researching, shopping, browsing and with the potential mood to buy.

Together, display and
 search can supercharge the effectiveness of your advertising mix. After seeing a display ad, customers are 136% more likely to search for your brand as reported by Comscore online panel.

In AU, the display advertising medium is the fastest growing segment, increasing by an estimated 16% a year and by 2015, online display ad spend is to be estimated at around $12 billion.

Below shows the list of AU ad network where Escort Vienna is by far the biggest ad network in Austria, reaching close to 90% of Austria online sex population (13.9 million unique users).

As expected Escort Vienna is no 1 display advertising network and no doubt if you can advertise best on google your business will glow multiple time on all other places also.